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About Us

About Us


Who are we?

Magic Place is a family business, made and worked with love. In the 2019 Rob and Marianne bought the property. We made a small remodel and opened for the first time this same year, while we planned for bigger dreams. We started our full rebuild in 2020, just after it was possible to start life again as we knew… and opened in March 2021. Fast forward to now, 2023, as we get ready to finish our final stage of the project, for a total of 8 units and a pool!

Our family has been involved from day 1, from Marianne’s parents to Rob’s dad, to our two daughters who also take care of the place. We strive to provide a space for travelers to feel good where they are, comfortable and close to everything, without having to break the bank! We invite you to stay with us and check it out yourself.

Owners and family at the beach


Our Efforts for our Community and World

Sustainable business logo

We are honored to be a part of the efforts of the Nicoya Waterkeepers and their Ocean Friendly Business Program. We implement sustainable practices within our staff and try to motivate our guests to be a part of it too. But how? Each room has compost bins so you can throw your compost in our bigger compost area outside. We have water filters to avoid buying bottled water, we use biodegradable products only, we offer supermarket bags for guests to use… and do not buy single use plastics. Please read more about this initiative here:

As well, we invite you to read our story here:

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